Our Modern Farmhouse Dining Room

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Introducing the official launch of #hellotravelhome Today, I’m sharing our dining room area and the pieces I’ve used to blend rustic charm and chic elements into the space. The room is finally becoming how we want it, and I’ve found a ton of great pieces over the past few weeks that I want to share with you!

Dining Room Furniture

We got our Arch Salvage Furniture Set from a local furniture store, so we
grabbed it for a good deal. You can order the set online here.


Farmhouse Decor

I snagged this cow and barn door canvas from Kirkland’s when it was on sale. The other canvas is from HomeGoods and has a nice shimmer to it but neutral tones.


Barn Door

Our blue door came with the house but there are so many online to choose from. You can additionally find the fixtures/black slide on Amazon and choose the height, color and style you want on there or Home Depot.

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