Paradise Found at Sandals LaSource, Grenada

From its private beach oasis to its turquoise waters, Sandals La Source Grenada is a breathtaking getaway. The peaceful ocean, vibrant flowers and impeccable rooms raises this Sandals resort to the top of my vacation list.

Today, I’ll reveal my honest opinion of the room, the property, the restaurants and my overall experience in Grenada.

Tropical Tranquility Suite

Our Lover’s Lagoon Walkout Suite was nothing short of luxurious. The spacious suite had not only one, but two tubs. The outdoor soaking tub provided the perfect spa-like ambiance.

The walkout porch was one of the best features of the room, giving us a private area to relax. We enjoyed the luscious scenery around us, no matter what time of day it was. The best part? This room is the fourth cheapest room in the entire resort.

A beautiful pond and gorgeous tropical blooms greet you from any angle. Conveniently, the fitness center is located right buy the Lover’s Lagoon string of rooms, making it a only a minute walk away.

I liked how the room was tucked away from the busier areas of the resort. The “non-ocean” front rooms like this one still had all of the amenities and didn’t sacrifice quality or overall appeal.

Boardwalk Bliss

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The beach at Sandals Grenada offers a range of areas and viewpoints. You can easily grab chairs anywhere and have an instant ocean view.

There are also multiple boardwalks and lounge chairs where you can relax the day away and capture the peaceful sound of the waves coming in.

There are tons of little areas by the beach and around the property. Finding a private spot each day wasn’t a problem. The umbrellas and chairs on the beach were no extra charge. This was different from Sandals Royal Caribbean where there are bed-like cabanas. (Click the link to read about our entire experience there).

Private Beach Daydream

In Grenada, the magical views of the coastline stretch out to the hills. You can see the mountains and endless beach wrap around the island. Far out into the distance, the mesmerizing rocky cliffs caress the sand and sea.

Where the resort sits, there are no other hotels directly by Sandals.This is unlike any other place I’ve visited in the Caribbean, considering your views are usually obstructed by other resorts or businesses nearby. It really makes you feel as if you’re on your own private island.

Hidden Gem: Make sure to walk down by the activities hut on the far right. Right past it is an endless stretch of beach that practically none of the guests walk down to. You can relax right by the ocean and there are plenty of beach chairs stacked there.

During your vacation, take the time to stop by the activities center and book one of the included water sports. We tried to get into the glass bottom boat tour while we were there, but there wasn’t any availability.  Some of the activities that are included are scuba diving, windsurfing, snorkeling, paddle boarding, canoeing and kayaking.

Poolside Paradise

There are two main pools at the resort. The one by the ocean provides fantastic views of the ocean and is typically the more quiet and relaxing spot. I preferred this one so that the four of us could talk and get drinks from the waitresses or nearby bar. The other pool is back towards the steakhouse and Italian restaurant.

This pool has a large swim up bar and hosts volleyball games. Around the pool is a plethora of cascading flowers and fountains. The area is typically louder with music and trivia games throughout the day. We never had trouble finding some chairs, but if you want a particular spot I would suggest getting up early.

There are several butler suites at this Sandals, so the butlers will place coolers and reserve spots for these guests. We tried the butler service in Jamaica, but it wasn’t the experience we expected. We decided it wasn’t worth the money to try it here. However, I’ve heard several good things about the butlers at the Grenada resort, so it may be worth looking into if it appeals to you. Make sure to read more about our butler experience here.

The Spacious Property

One of the most appealing attributes of the entire resort is how immense it is. The entire property exudes an air of lavishness. Around each corner is an extremely detailed distribution of flora, water features or grandiose palms.

I loved how there were several cozy spaces and sitting areas to unwind. This is similar to Sandals Royal Caribbean, but ultimately I like Grenada better. Everything feels new, from the rooms to the magnificent landscaping.

The main deck and bar area is one of the central gathering spots of the resort, providing an open-air shelter. You can grab a drink at the main bar and peer out on the ocean as you relax on one of the swinging chairs. From here, you can also see the main pool and rest in the shade.

The area is transformed into a vibrant nightlife stage in the evenings. The resort’s staff have several entertaining performances and guests can drink and dance the night away.

Another part of the resort we enjoyed almost each night was the “Library.” This room was connected to the main deck, but provided an air conditioned lounge with sofas and a large TV.

It was the perfect spot to sip on cocktails and still be right next to the festivities outside on the main deck. Many people came in and out of this room to take a break from the music or to cool off.

Restaurant Choices

When it comes to Sandals Grenada, there are several cuisines to choose from at the resort. One of the biggest benefits of the all-inclusive resort is being able to sample several dishes. My favorite restaurants were:

  • Soy Sushi Bar – Their Sushi is spectacular, especially the crispy philly roll.
  • Cafe de Paris – This is the spot to treat your sweet tooth. The patisserie serves fresh and different treats daily.
  • Neptune’s – This spot by the ocean serves lunch and dinner. I love the Jerk Chicken and quesadillas, which I got for lunch.
  • Le Jardiner – If you like brunch or French food, this is perfect for you. Try their pancakes in the morning, or the duck at night.
  • Cucina Romana – If you’re craving Italian or in the mood for a good breakfast buffet, try this spot. A chef will create fresh omelettes or pancakes for you in the mornings.
  • Tipsy Turtle Pub – The pub is the place to catch a sports game and grab a late night snack. Try the nachos, wings or fish & chips. We tried all three and they were delicious.
  • Dino’s Pizzeria – If you’re in desperate need of a slice of pizza, look no further.

Everyone will say that Butch’s Chophouse is “the place” to go. However, neither Scotty or Scott liked their meals here, and they sampled the filet and rib eye. It’s also extremely difficult to get into, which is odd because whenever we walked by on our way to dinner it was never full. In comparison to Sandals Royal Caribbean, I would have to say that the meals weren’t as good for me. However, I loved the sushi, dessert cafe and the jerk chicken.

Make sure to read my review of Sandals Royal Caribbean and our Dune Buggy Adventure Tour in Grenada:

Have you been to an all-inclusive resort?

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