JW Marriott Cancun Resort & Spa Snapshot

Luxury Suite & Bali Bed Bliss

My second time at the JW Marriott Cancun Resort & Spa was nothing short of relaxing, luxurious and the perfect getaway. This time, I wanted to provide a quick snapshot outlining the aspects we enjoyed the most of our room and the resort. Enjoy 💓

Bali Bed Bliss

Hello Travel Snapshot:

⁃ Private Bali Bed poolside or beachside options

– King size bed with tons of room, perfect for a family even

⁃ Cabana service all day

⁃ Beautiful ocean views

⁃ Infinity pool

⁃ Full lunch menu, eat right from your bed

⁃ Reservations are easy, can cancel anytime


Luxury Suite Room

We received a free room upgrade, but this room is definitely worth splurging on, from its spacious open floor plan to it’s comfortable bathroom space and newly renovated closet and drawers.


Hello Travel Snapshot:

⁃ “JW Luxury Suite” Junior Suite with King Bed and Ocean View

⁃ Newly renovated room with grand walk-in shower and luxury bathtub

⁃ Spacious,open sitting area which flows into the King bedroom

⁃ Two separate built in closets for hanging all your items, and more built in drawers by the bed

⁃ Balcony with stunning ocean views overlooking the resort and beach