Rent the Runway Review


Rent the Runway is one of the most common fashion websites you can rent designer items from with a monthly subscription, without making any long term investments. I decided to try it out for only one month, and honestly? I have mixed reviews. So today, I’m breaking down in this #unsponsored post what I liked and didn’t like during my trial.

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The Subscription

I chose the middle package: RTR Update. This is neither the most expensive or the cheapest option. This particular plan allows you to get up to 4 items a month, once a month. They ship the items to you perfectly wrapped up in a garment bag, and provide a return label to easily send them back in when your month ends. However, you are limited in what is in stock. To be honest, I absolutely loved three items I received and the fourth I still liked.

My Picks:

This Alexis Idella dress fit PERFECTLY. I was very surprised by this. It helped to read the reviews that other members put in the app to get a sense of an item before you reserve it. This particular dress has really good TTS reviews but is a little shorter on people taller than me. I’m 5’2” for reference, so the front part of the skirt hits perfectly on my legs, but could be short on someone 5’5” up.


This Zac Zac Posen bag is everything! I used it throughout my vacation and even took it to the pool. The inner cloth lining and pockets give it plenty of organization and I love the color panel.


These Tory Burch earrings are absolutely adorable, a great size and pair well with most outfits since they’re black and white. My only issue is I felt they were delicate and a few frays came out. RTR doesn’t charge you for slight issue like this though (it’s covered under what you pay in the subscription), and it wasn’t enough to ruin the earrings.


The Rebecca Minkoff clutch was a great addition to my Cancun getaway this summer. The size is pretty decent, however, I’m not thrilled with it compared to my roomier crossbody bags. It’s very flat, but definitely cute for a night out.

The Verdict

Overall, I’d have to say that RTR is worth the money, if you’ve got it. The $30/per rental option is probably the most cost effective, however your options are limited compared to the middle and highest subscriptions and you pay PER item.

The middle subscription has the trial rate at $69 for your first month, but it’s $89 after that, which I find to be a little ridiculous. But, breaking it down that’s $22.25 per item (4 items a month), and it doesn’t matter how much those pieces would cost to buy… so in that case it’s more of a deal than the lowest subscription, If you’re planning on doing it every month.

Overall, I was impressed by the quality of the items, their packaging and cleanliness, and how easy it is to pick out what you want through the app. Hopefully all of this information is helpful so you can decide for yourself if you want to give it a go! Again, this is my honest opinion, and not a sponsored post! Stay tuned for my JW Marriott Cancun resort snapshot…

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