Barbados Bliss at Sandals Royal Barbados

From its expansive beach property to its secluded paradise suites, Sandals Royal Barbados doesn’t disappoint. Today, I’m providing a resort snapshot for you to detail the pros and cons of one of the newest Sandals Resorts.

Overall, our commodious suite, the spacious resort, and 18 dining options were collectively the best of this all-inclusive trip.

A Secluded Suite

Our commodious suite provided the perfect private paradise. All of the rooms at Sandals Royal Barbados are actually suites. Additionally, each room has a fully stocked bar, which isn’t the case at other Sandals Resorts.

Our South Seas, Crystal Lagoon Club Level Barbados Suite was set above the swim up rooms. I had to take advantage of the private balcony soaking tub. This was the perfect spot to recharge and relax. Looking out from the balcony, the rainforest and greenery greets you and surrounds the building. It feels like a private paradise set away from the rest of the resort.

We got to stay in the new Lagoon suites, which were only two weeks old at the time (December 2018). I like how our room was located away from the main beach area. Since we had a large balcony and comfortable room, we didn’t mind where it was located.

You do have to walk a bit to get over to the resort’s main pools. If you want an ocean view room, you should look at the other room categories. Also book ahead, since this is a newer resort it has more limited availability. Regardless we still loved our room and how beautifully the property was laid out.

Royal Resort Vibes

With all of its amenities and beautiful landscaping, you’ll feel like royalty at this resort. One of the best attributes of coming here is that you are getting to experience two resorts for the price of one.

Sandals Royal Barbados is conveniently intertwined with the other Sandals Barbados, and they are literally only a few steps away. There is a plethora of private areas and we never had trouble getting a spot at the pool or bar.

What’s nice about this particular beach is that the area never feels crowded. Despite the two resorts merging into the same area, the amount of space is comfortable and you can walk the beach without feeling on top of other guests.

It’s surprisingly easy to find a little piece of Barbados just to yourself. There are also several daybeds and cabanas that are simply free to everyone and taken at a first-come basis. I liked this because at Sandals Royal Caribbean, it costs extra to rent a cabana for the day.

However, in Jamaica it is more of an experience because the beds are literally right by the ocean (as pictured above). Read the full review of Sandals Royal Caribbean in Jamaica.

Prime Pool & Beach Access

One of my favorite spots was the rooftop pool and bar. It overlooks the ocean and main pool below, which provides a beautiful view of the surrounding beach.

This spot is great to grab a drink before dinner and watch the sunset.

The other main beachfront area is the resort’s large infinity pool that looks out towards the beach.

This is probably the busiest of the areas, but as mentioned, we didn’t have trouble finding four chairs no matter the time of the day. There are also several chairs on the beach and you’re steps away from the pool at Sandals Barbados as well.

We spent some time at the other pool that is set back on the property, which was on our way to the beach. This was a more quiet area without the vibrant dance music. It also has a swim up bar, surrounding lounge areas and more relaxation vibes than the energetic ones at the infinity pool.

Included Amenities & Activities

The resort boasts a variety of included entertainment, activities and other features;

  • A Bowling Alley
  • Day and Night Entertainment, including Live Shows
  • Unlimited premium spirits
  • Scuba diving
  • Snorkeling, hobbie cats, paddle boards and kayaks
  • Tennis
  • Beach volleyball, basketball and pool tables
  • A fitness center and unlimited land sports

Final Rating

Overall, I would give Sandals Royal Barbados a 4 out of 5 stars. To be honest, how spread out the resort is a factor I don’t like about it. It’s not as easy to navigate as other resorts where you simply come out to the beach and pool. My favorite Sandals Resort right now is definitely Sandals LaSource Grenada. I would say I enjoyed Sandals Royal Caribbean in Jamaica more so than Barbados also. Make sure to read both of my reviews on those before deciding a Sandals Resort for your vacation!

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