Jackson Street history & transformation

Loveland historical public relations piece, featured in the Enquirer

Throughout the years, Loveland has been home to various small businesses that have all played a role in transforming the city into the blossoming community it is today. With the new and buzz-worthy installation of the “River Trail Flats” Loveland Station development beginning, these businesses surrounding Jackson Street that will always hold countless memories.

Dayton Air Show Preview

Cincinnati Enquirer event preview article

This preview feature article highlights many features of the Dayton Air Show. For this story, I interviewed Blue Angel No. 2, Lt. John Hiltz, a Cincinnati area native. I also spoke with the air show manager, who gave me many insights into the particular aspects of the event that would be showcased, such as the NASA exhibit and Kids’ Hangar. This was a great way to report on a different city that was close in proximity of many people in Cincinnati.

Keys to changing your miserable reality

#PostGradProblems feature story

While it may be easy to sink into a self-pitying syndrome when all your friends are posting about their new amazing full-time jobs, do not fear. You are not alone. It can take months or even years to really get to where you want to be, despite your internship experience and amazing resume. Instead, absorb these tips for transitioning postgrads.

‘Members Collections’ showcases history

Loveland historical society public relations, featured on the Enquirer

The Greater Loveland Historical Society’s new exhibit blends a combination of local and national history through its collection-based displays. Ranging from original Disney character items to personal artwork collections, the exhibit offers a diverse source of historical information.

Cincinnati Parrotheads

Cincinnati Enquirer feature article on Jimmy’s Buffet’s Parrot Head club

“While some may think of parrotheads as drinking, parrot-dressed jesters, the Cincinnati Parrot Head Club is proving that stereotype wrong. ‘A lot of people think that all we do is drink,” said club president Steve Hoffman. “But the concert is a sidebar to the work we do all year long to help people out.’”

World Choir Games tip of the day

Cincinnati Enquirer entertainment piece

“Cincinnatians and contestants can participate in this language barrier-breaking game of purchasing lapel pins and trading them with people from around the world. All I had to do was take my pin to the trading booth at the Duke Energy Convention Center, where I was enthusiastically greeted by pin-trading expert David Hyman.”

Home living arrangements for the disabled

Cincinnati Enquirer local life piece sheds light on a Hamilton county program

“Just because Thomas Wallace and Norman Byers are disabled doesn’t mean their living options are restricted to family members or a disability facility. Wallace and Byers are two of the first participants of the Home Living Arrangements for the Developmentally Disabled, a new Hamilton County program that provides trained host families for individuals with physical or mental disabilities.”

World Choir Games guide for parking, events

Cincinnati Enquirer article and chart detailing parking information and events

“Expect a crowd around Downtown during the World Choir Games – especially July13-15, when sports, music and food all meet near the riverfront. Here’s what’s happening while the world is here…”