How we supplement and ease baby’s excessive fussiness

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Our supplementing journey with Gerber® Good Start® SoothePro Powder Infant Formula

Today, I’m opening up about our personal journey supplementing with formula and how we decided on Gerber® Good Start® SoothePro. When we made the decision to start supplementing, it was important for us to choose the best option for Ellie’s specific needs. Thankfully, we found that Gerber SoothePro formula actually helped calm her fussiness and even reduced her constant spit ups. I wanted to share what led us to choose Gerber SoothePro formula and why we use it today. I hope to help other mamas with my honest review and experience!

Our Path to Formula

My plan was always to exclusively breastfeed, but once Ellie experienced inguinal hernias at two months old, I encountered unexpected changes with my milk supply. The pain and changes going on in her body caused her appetite to decrease, and unfortunately my supply with it. While I tried everything under the sun to build it back up, it was harder than expected. We had to make the decision to supplement after finding out she wasn’t gaining weight well at her monthly check up. I quickly realized there are many others who encounter this issue – my supply wasn’t gone, but it just wasn’t quite enough.

A Natural Transition

Let’s be real, it was hard accepting that I had to start using formula. Luckily, Gerber’s SoothePro Formula was what we needed to make the transition to supplementation from exclusively breastfeeding go smoothly. What’s different about Gerber SoothePro formula is that it’s specifically designed for babies with six common digestive issues; Colic, Crying, Fussiness, Gas, Mild Spit-Ups, and Uncomfortable Poops.

When I saw Ellie was happy, full and satisfied, it made it a much more bearable transition for me. She took to the taste of the Gerber SoothePro formula surprisingly well, even though she has been picky since introducing formula. I noticed a change in her mood and a decrease in gassiness. She has always struggled with being a little colicky as well, and when I found out that Gerber SoothePro formula is specifically for that, I thought “What do I have to lose honestly?!”

It’s safe to say I was immediately surprised and relieved with the transition Gerber SoothePro formula provided. As mamas we don’t always talk about the struggles with breastfeeding. It’s not always spoken about when you’re trying to juggle both breastfeeding and formula. When you plan to breastfeed for six months to a year and that falls apart, you naturally blame yourself. However, that self-shaming and doubt quickly turns into “it doesn’t matter, I have to feed her and I have to choose the best formula option now.” Naturally, #FedIsBest became my new motto.

An Easy Decision

After doing my research, asking friends, my doctor, and Google, I came to the decision to try Gerber SoothePro formula and I’m so glad we did. To be honest, I had tried other formulas and she just wasn’t having them. When we introduced the Gerber SoothePro formula, there was an immediate difference in her feedings. She liked the taste and didn’t fuss for (search for the nipple) during the feed. The most rewarding feeling was that she was actually looking me in the eye while I was feeding her, which was HUGE for us, considering she began looking away from me during bottle feedings for weeks. Ever since we introduced her to the bottle, she had struggled with it and it was really hard for me. When she finally looked in my eyes again for the first time I knew this was the formula she needed to transform our supplementation.

Gerber SoothePro Formula Snapshot:

– The one solution formula for six common digestive issues. Colic, Crying, Fussiness, Gas, Mild Spit-Ups, Uncomfortable Poops

– Clinically shown* to reduce fussiness with the first bottle. (*SoothePro Data on File, 2019)

– Help support your baby’s digestive health while soothing their tiny tummies. Guaranteed results for sensitive tummies (

– Has unique Probiotics, L. reuteri, that has been clinically shown to reduce crying time by 50%.

– Recyclable packaging through Terracycle partnership! See link here for instructions on how to recycle!

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