Staying positive during the Coronavirus pandemic while expecting

I found myself tearing up as I watched the news, but there is one thing that kept me going — meeting our daughter in six weeks. This baby girl is the light in our lives right now, and the thought of giving birth and holding her is what gives me hope. While there is so much uncertainty and so many negatives, I HAVE to focus on the positives. I have no other choice in my 8th month of pregnancy.

For those who are expecting, scared and feeling alone, try to count your blessings and remember that you’re bringing a beautiful life into this world. You’re not alone in this, all of us are feeling scared and we will get through this stage in history. Now is the time to support and comfort each other.

Do not feel paralyzed by this virus or the negativity of others. Rise above it and focus on every little positive you can in your life. Spend time in your nursery. Turn off the news and read a baby care book. Unplug from social media and go for a walk.

Where is the certainty? It’s within ourselves, our ability to love our children. The world our daughter comes into will be full of love, happiness and safety in our home and that’s what we will provide her. Quarantined or not.

One thought on “Staying positive during the Coronavirus pandemic while expecting”

  1. There’s so much uncertainty at the moment so trying to find the light and positives is so important. I bet you’re so excited for her arrival.

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