30 things I’ve learned since turning 30

1. Know your worth

2. It’s ok to say no

3. It’s ok to take time for yourself

4. Do not compare yourself to others

5. Motherhood is amazing

6. Motherhood can be hard

7. Mom guilt is real

8. People will always remember how you treated them

9. You will grow apart from close friends and that’s okay

10. You know your baby best

11. I will never truly sleep at night ever again

12. Knowing my worth as a content creator

13. Sometimes it’s more important to be kind than right

14. Giving back and kindness goes a long way

15. Giving your opinion with sensitivity is important

16. Own the things you do and say

17. Thinking on something before I react (still working on this)

18. You can only control what your reaction is, not someone else’s

19. Whether you’re a SAHM or work full time, it’s equally hard

20. People will always judge you!

21. Intelligence isn’t the loudest voice in the room

22. Confidence can emerge from silent reflection

23. Do not be quick to judge someone who may be in a bad mood

24. We are all going through something

25. A small compliment can make someone’s day

26. The impact you have on someone’s life with a small gesture can be more than you’ll ever know

27. The importance of taking time to do something that makes you happy

28. Sometimes people just need someone to truly listen to them

29. Patience is a form of faith

30. Do not feel guilty taking time for yourself as a mom

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