Baby essentials we used the most during the first year

It’s finally here! My master list of what we actually used during Ellie’s first year. As a first time parent, it was hard knowing before what exactly we would use the most or not. I only included items in this post that we really did use and toys we got the most use out of.

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I hope this is helpful to expecting mamas or new ones, because I feel like it would have saved me some time and hunting to have this information before hand. These are the products and essentials that worked the best for us and worth the money in my own personal opinion.

Sleep essentials:

Snoo Bassinet: We rented the Snoo and found it extremely worth it for Ellie. Every baby is different but it gave us more peace of mind that she was on her back and swaddled well. Tip: Get extra Snoo sacks and sheets for frequent spit ups

Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor: When we transitioned her to the crib we used the Nanit monitor and Hatch Sound Machine, which we still use now. We didn’t have any trouble transitioning her to the crib.

Wyze Camera: We used this $25 Wyze Cam with the Snoo so we could see her and I loved the clarity of the camera.

Echo Show with Alexa: What I love about the Nanit and Wyze cameras is that they both work with Alexa, so you can pull up the monitor on your screen in whatever room. We have a few of these and I can say “Alexa, show Ellie’s crib” and it will pull up the Nanit screen.

Baby gear/travel essentials:

Uppababy Cruz Stroller and Uppababy Mesa Car Seat: This stroller system is worth every penny. I love how you can pop the car seat into the stroller. We still use it like that to quickly run in the store. I was able to easily fly with the car seat and stroller by myself.

Graco Slim Spaces Compact Baby Swing: The $70 Graco swing was a lifesaver for us when she took multiple naps a day. She frequently slept in this (if not in her bassinet) and we would check on her.

Graco Pack ‘n Play Snuggle Suite LX: This specific one has a bouncer and changing table that come with it. We used the changing table at first, and still use the pack n’ play as a playpen.

EliteBaby Diaper Bag: I was gifted this a few months ago and I wish I had it sooner! So many compartments and room for my things too.

Feeding favorites:

Oribel Cocoon High Chair: I was gifted this high chair and it honestly became one of my favorites. It’s sooo easy to clean and move around with the wheels.

Evla’s Baby Food Processor: We use this almost daily the past few months to grind meals/meat and steam vegetables.

Dr. Brown’s Bottle Warmer: For heating up breast milk and now whole milk.

Baby Brezza Formula Dispenser: We had to transition to formula when she was about 5 months old and this was a lifesaver. Literally dispenses warm formula in seconds!

Bumbo Seat with Tray: We used this a ton and to feed Ellie her first solids! Easy to set on the counter until they outgrow it and have to be in the high chair.

Baby care essentials:

Genie Diaper Pail: We have used this since Ellie was born, first in our room and now in hers. An essential for your nursery.

Nursing essentials:

Boppy Nursing Pillow: You’ll want this for months, even for bottle feeding. Get extra covers!

Longest lasting toys:

Organization essentials:

Clothing favorites:

Teething relief:

More most used:

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