Second Trimester Maternity Clothes & Fashion Trends

Welcome to the second trimester — one of the most fun and also difficult times to dress during. Today I wanted to share my favorite stores, current trending fashions, and basics in maternity wear. If you’re having a hard time finding clothes, look no further. I hope you find some helpful pieces and that I can point you in the right direction for your maternity shopping!

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The best maternity stores:

Once you’ve transitioned out of the first trimester, it’s safe to say you need at least one pair of maternity jeans and have started having a hard time fitting into most of your pre-pregnancy clothes. I’ve looked all around and the best stores to shop at that I’ve found to be both affordable and reliable are the following:

Pink Blush Maternity: basics, dresses, baby shower dresses. I love how they have trendy items so it doesn’t feel like boring maternity clothes just to get you through.

Asos: dresses, tops, jeans, bridesmaid dresses. If you’ve ordered from their Asos line before you can order the same size or one size up and it’s a promising fit.

Amazon: There are soooo many items I’ve been able to find on here, including bras and underwear (linked exact below). It’s easy to find outfits and trust in reviews. Also great photography dresses, just make sure to read what others are saying for sizing!

Motherhood Maternity: Underwear, bras, basic tops, tank tops, shape wear, overalls. While not the flashiest, this is the store to get your basics from. I’ve been able to wear their underwear since the end of the first trimester and they have the best basic T-shirts and tops. I don’t find them to be the “edgiest” but it’s a great place to start your hunt and get your needed pieces.

Target: sweaters, jeans, leggings. Although their selection isn’t huge, I’ve found three pairs of pants/jeans and super soft leggings at Target and some cozy sweaters.

What I’m loving now:

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Affordable maternity photo shoot/shower dress
These overalls!
The most flattering black swimsuit
Cotton jumpsuit!
Chenille sweater dress
Spanx faux leather leggings!
This off-the-shoulder ruffle dress
Maternity jeans (over the bump band)

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