FabFitFun Spring 2018 Box Review + $10 Off Code

You may have seen FabFitFun boxes and wondered what all the hype is about. Today, I’ll reveal my honest opinion and provide you with a discount. FabFitFun subscription boxes are taking the market by storm. These seasonal subscription boxes are packed with beauty, health, fashion and fitness goodies.

The company has found a way to merge the latest lifestyle trends and hottest brands worth  $200 for a fraction of the price at $49.99 (Click here to use promo code NEWBIE and get the box for $39.99 + FREE shipping). Today, I’ll break down my favorite items (that I actually use) from the Spring 2018 box #fabfitfunpartner.

The Customization Process

In all honesty, this was my first time ever getting a FabFitFun box or any subscription box. I expected it would contain generally nice products, but I had no idea how much everything was actually worth. What’s fun about the boxes is that you can pick a few items, while the rest are a surprise. During the checkout process, I liked how you were able to customize certain aspects. I was able to choose the pink tassel earrings from Ettika (worth $58) and the KNC Beauty All Natural Collagen Infused Lip Masks (Worth $24.99).

Another significant feature that FabFitFun has is choosing from an array of Add-Ons. These add-ons include several items such as bags, tumblers, makeup, fashion and jewelry items, all at significantly lower pricing than normal. The options change each season and include trends of the year. For this box, I chose to add-on the red gym tote and O.R.G. mineral face peel (for an additional cost). Add-Ons are completely optional, however, so you don’t have to pick any extras if you don’t want to. The cost varies but typically ranges from $5 to $49 per add-on.

My Favorite Items 

While I liked almost all of the items that were in my box, my favorite items were the ones I’ve used the most over the past month. My absolute favorite items were:

  1. The Rachel Pally Reversible Clutch (Worth $60)
  2. The Ettika Tassel Earrings (Worth $58)
  3. KNC Lip Masks, Set of 5 (Worth $25)
  4. Free People Eye Mask (Worth $40)
  5. ISH Beauty Lip Statement Palette (Worth $42)

(Watch my YouTube Video here where I show each of my favorites!)

All of these items I have used in the past month and made the box worth getting, in my opinion. The Reversible Clutch is the most valuable product from the Spring Collection. I’ve used it several times, and its two sides make it easy to match with my Spring Wardrobe. I even used it in St. Kitts when I was at the pool or going out at night.

The Free People Eye Mask has a removable insert that you can put in the fridge and use on your eyes. The lip masks by KNC actually work to replenish your chapped lips. The Tassel Earrings are absolutely adorable and work for both Spring and Summer outfits. Finally, the Lip Statement Palette has so many colors to choose from that it can’t disappoint.

Other Goodies

Other valuable products in the box include the Physique Massage Roller (worth $20). This is an awesome product because not only does it massage your muscles, but it can be used on your legs to help reduce cellulite. Just add massage oil and voila! I’m also obsessed with my add-on gym tote, as it’s actually large enough to carry my clothes, whether I’m using it for traveling or whatever the reason.

Also, the Dove Exfoliating Body Polish and Murad Skin Perfecting Lotion were beauty goodies I was excited to get and actually try. It’s nice to see good brands you are familiar with, as you feel safer adding them into your beauty regimen. Finally, FabFitFun even threw in a HelloFresh gift card for $50 off! No doubt I’m sure they will continue to throw in little discounts next season.

Treat Yourself!

So there you have it! Treat yourself with the FabFitFun box and enhance your beauty, skincare and fashion routine. All this for $39.99? Not too bad right? Get your box now with code SUNSHINE!

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