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We all know too well the trials and tribulations of packing lightly for flights. If you’re a woman, fashionista, blogger (or all three like me) it can be a bit difficult to condense your travel wardrobe and essentials into a carry-on and suitcase.

While we all love a cute bag and matching suitcase, those are definitely better reserved for short trips. Otherwise, it may not be the best option for those two-flight, layover trips. In this article I’ll break down my packing essentials and tricks. Take them, leave them, and comment your favorite tips below.

My carry-on

Compartmentalize comfortably – When I travel, it’s important for me to feel comfortable, yet chic. I either carry my Michael Kors backpack or my black OGIO backpack. I love these because they are perfect for taking multiple flights and fitting under the seat in front of me. My past carry-on was cute but it was dug into my shoulders and its wheels weren’t that functional.

I love the OGIO backpacks because of their compartments, and the Michael Kors is literally the perfect size so you can’t over pack. We personalized the OGIO with Scotty’s Neomed pharmacy school logo and I’ve been taking it for my longer trips. It’s also large enough to fit my small purse in as well to go through security and have my hands free.

Mini-pharmacy musts – The last issue I want to face is being in the middle of traveling or just arriving at my hotel without anything to calm a common ailment. While this may seem like common sense, so many times I’ve forgotten basic meds, only to be stuck in a foreign country without a drug store in reach, or overpriced individually packaged over-the-counter drugs.

I bring 1 to 2 of everything for nausea, motion sickness, gastrointestinal issues, the common cold, headaches, band aids, Neosporin, and my personal medications. Don’t forget extras of your personal prescriptions in case you have delayed flights.

Electronic device necessities – I personally bring Bose quiet comfort 25 headphones, a Belkin cord splitter for multiple listeners, a portable phone charger, two iPhone chargers, my iPad, my Lenovo Yoga 2 laptop, and extra batteries.

The headphones are perfect for droning out the noise on the airplane so you can watch a movie or just get more peace and quiet on the ride. I also like the Calm app for meditation, as I tend to get anxiety traveling (don’t we all?!)

Limited valuables & make-up – I usually stick to packing my make-up in its own little bag and only the more expensive essentials such as my Lancôme products. I have a fear of losing anything valuable in my checked bag, so I never pack anything in it that I can’t live without or that would cost a lot to replace. My most valuable jewelry I usually wear or leave at home and carry-on my fashion jewelry just so I know I have it with me, but again it’s limited.

That stupid one quart bag – The rule is a nuisance but we have to adhere to it. I usually bring a travel-size lotion, my favorite is True Blue Spa’s paraffin hand lotion from Bath and Body Works. I also put any liquid makeup and products in it as well to avoid getting into issues with TSA. Victoria’s Secret makes the perfect tiny sample size of their perfumes, so I rotate those scents frequently.

My suitcase

Roll up those clothes – I always make sure to put my shoes at the bottom in plastic bags and roll up all my clothing. This helps prevent wrinkles for the most part and maximizes my space for more outfits. I pull and connect the opposite straps over in a crisscross to secure the clothes from moving around.

Ziploc everything – My husband makes fun of me, but I make sure to Ziploc anything that could spill or leak when it comes to my toiletries. The last thing I want to happen is a disastrous explosion of hair cream all over my clothing. I also bring extra bags for the way home in case anything does leak on the way there.

Mini-size refillable bottles – Walgreens has their own travel size empty bottles you can purchase at the store and fill up with all your own products. I have been using these for a while now, that way I don’t have to buy the overpriced travel size Aveda or Moroccan oil products.

The bottles come in a zip-up plastic bag that you can reuse over and over again and put your other products. Walgreens also has a plethora of travel size items at affordable pricing. I always bring a mini travel loofa as well.

Pack for any weather – Sometimes we expect the best weather when we are traveling to a tropical destination, but I’ve learned to pack for hot and cold, rainy or sunny. If you have room, pack a mini umbrella, hat, a jacket, and gym shoes. Don’t forget a bag or fanny pack that you don’t care about getting wet and covered with sand for beach days.

What travel tips do you recommend? Comment below!

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