Why Millennials Matter

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Despite the recent trend and banter bashing millennials for their lack of work ethic and mindset, I think it’s important to take a step back. We should be cautious not to label all millennials into a single category or type of person that has too high of expectations and skewed ethics. Why should we lump everyone born in a certain generation as generally incompetent and too expectant? What does this say about the future of our country and how these millennials will work for and eventually lead businesses within the next few decades?

Millennials matter because despite a different mindset, they are the future. Yes, they have a lot to learn, like any young generation. But they also have vibrant ideas that expect quick, at your fingertips communications in a fast evolving technological world. Social media has quickly become a necessity of our business world, and companies need to understand why it holds a presence in their overall strategy and marketing plans.


Millennials expectant ideology isn’t necessarily a direct reflection of the type of people they are, but perhaps correlated to the technological age they have been raised in. Quick access to information and a world accessed through smartphones has changed the way the world connects.

Maybe it’s a good thing that this is the basis for a generation, and it will probably lead to an even more connected world in the next few decades. As millennials grow, it can surely be expected that generations after them take on a similar mindset.

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One thought on “Why Millennials Matter”

  1. This is an interesting post, and some well made points. I wonder myself HOW the millenials got the reputation they have. Should we look to their parents? Those who were raised by The Greatest Generation in the post-war boom era when the middle class was burgeoning and things that had once been labeled “luxuries” became common place? I think we need to look further back than the millenials themselves. They didn’t just create their ethos out of thin air–it was taught to them. While I have certainly seen some millenials who fit the “entitled” stereotype, I have seen others who exemplify their generation with innovation and creativity. I think many of Gen X and earlier are both fearful and envious of the millenial’s success and potential. Personally, I look forward to seeing how they decide to better our world!

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