Woman vs Food: Overcome the Struggle with these 5 Tips

Adapt a healthier lifestyle but don't feel guilty about still indulging in your favorites periodically.
Adapt a healthier lifestyle, but don’t feel guilty about indulging in your favorites periodically.
Ladies, it’s a constant struggle. We want to be skinnier, healthier versions of ourselves, yet we want to consume every burger, piece of pizza and platter of fries in front of us.

It’s a hard battle to win, and it’s mostly because we put so much pressure on ourselves to lose the weight quickly. What we need to do instead is implement a healthier lifestyle and positive vision of our bodies.

Stop whining and complaining about the imperfections in your body and start making positive changes in your eating and exercise habits to be a healthier version of yourself. Here are five tips on how to start your healthier, yet sane journey:

1. Slowly substitute. Let’s be real. You’re not going to be able to switch from your current diet to only fruits, veggies and juice cleanses in one day. Slowly substitute fruits and veggies into the areas of your life that may have been full of too much carb-filled bliss. Make sure you get enough protein and drink lots of water.

2. Workout, but not like it’s for the Olympics.You’re not going to be able to run a marathon right away. Baby steps.

3. Set realistic mile-markers. Have an event 3 months out? Want to look good for your summer beach trip? Set goals to have a certain meal plan or reach a certain size by those dates and set monthly checks to measure how you’re doing. But don’t freak if you’re not quite where you want to be.

4. Don’t give up your favorites. Pasta..cookies..chocolate. I wouldn’t dare ask you to give these up. Not to mention fruity cocktails on the weekends. I have a love affair with food and I know you do too. Pick one day a week to eat what you want and kill the calories on the treadmill the next day.

5. Stop obsessing. I know when you want to lose weight it becomes all you think about, but don’t deprive yourself of all the other joys in your life. And let’s be honest, food will always be a big part of your life.

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