Top 2018 Travel Moments

This past year has been one filled of adventures for myself and my family. In 2018, I was able to discover flamingo beach in Aruba and explore the rolling hills of the Grenada and St. Kitts islands. My most recent collaboration with Island Routes allowed me to cruise the beautiful waters of Barbados. To close the year, we arranged to try Jet Blue’s Mint lie-flat seats. Of all my new experiences, I wanted to share the top moments and travel excursions most worth your time and money for 2019.

Flamingo Beach, Aruba

While I have been to Aruba a few times, I never took the time to see the flamingo beach at the Renaissance Private Island.

The majestic private island hosts its own flock of vibrant flamingos and is home to possibly the clearest, untouched water in the Caribbean.

This slice of heaven belongs to the island that stole my heart years ago — Aruba… READ MORE

If you’re considering Aruba for your next vacation and don’t know where to stay, I would highly suggest the Hyatt Regency Aruba Resort and Casino on Palm Beach.

The Hyatt not only feels like the scene of a movie, its decadence includes all the services and amenities you could possibly need right on the property. Read my full review of the resort here. I just added new pictures from our recent trip!

Island Routes Moments

Of all my new experiences this year, the Island Routes excursions were by far the best. Most recently, we were able to cruise the clear waters of Barbados on a catamaran cruise.

Sun, Sand & Snorkeling Cruise

The Cool Runnings crew was friendly, professional and so much fun. I was able to swim with sea turtles for the first time, and discover sunken ships in the snorkeling portion of the tour.

The tour included adult beverages served throughout the day. Lunch was served by the crew when we stopped along the coast to swim. The cruise was so smooth you could barely feel the boat!

Click to read about the entire Barbados tour!

Click the photo above to learn about the entire experience, which includes more photos and details!

Grenada Dune Buggy Adventure Tour

My second favorite moment from 2018 was riding through the hills of Grenada in a dune buggy. This tour lasted almost the entire day and gave us outstanding visuals of the island.

We were lead throughout the main cities, stopping along the way for picturesque photo opportunities. Our end destination was the Annandale Waterfall, tucked deep within the rainforest.

In the “Spice Island” of Grenada, winding roads and lush forests transport you to another world. We immersed ourselves into the depths of the nation’s rain forests, waterfalls and stunning coastline views… READ MORE

Another experience worth sharing is our stay at Sandals La Source in Grenada. From its private beach oasis to its turquoise waters, this Sandals is a breathtaking getaway… READ MORE

Discovering St. Kitts

A more peaceful experience I had this year was exploring the beautiful, tranquil island of St. Kitts.

Rolling hills, rocky coasts and volcanic carvings greet you when you explore the dual-nation of St. Kitts and Nevis.

During my trip, I visited the larger of the two. St. Kitts is unique in its essence, holding both views of the Atlantic and the Caribbean…READ MORE 

If you’re looking for a relaxing getaway set on a beautiful island in the Caribbean, look no further than the stunning St. Kitts Marriott Resort & the Royal Beach Casino. Click above or here to read my review of the resort.

The Jet Blue “Mint” Experience

One of the most luxurious highlights of my 2018 travel experiences was definitely our flight home from Barbados in the Jet Blue lie-flat seats. I’ve never flown in a pod like this before, and the first class experience was unlike any regular or even first-class seat I’ve had.

The flight attendants were absolutely superb, providing us with extremely attentive service throughout the flight. The massage enabled seat was completely adjustable, all the way from upright to down flat.

They were so roomy (especially for me since I’m 5’2″), and even comfortable for my husband Scotty who’s 6’1″. Other amenities included; a 15″ screen, electronic charging stations, drink holders and a private pod enclosed area.

The Mint experience includes a full-size pillow and down comforter and adorable bags from Hopper with an eye-mask, toothbrush and other travel necessities you may have forgotten to bring with you. This is the way to travel internationally, and I’m not sure how we’ll ever fly regularly again to the Caribbean or outside the U.S. ! Stay tuned for my full review of the experience and more photos.

What was your vacation or best travel experience this year? Comment below!

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