The Marvelous Margaritaville, Hollywood Beach Resort

It doesn’t have to be 5 o’clock somewhere to enjoy the Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort. If you’re in need of a vacation, this destination offers a convenient, vibrant and relaxing getaway. The tropical resort combines both laid back vibes and sophisticated feels. Here’s an honest review and why you should consider this Jimmy Buffet resort for your next adventure.

Margaritaville in Hollywood Florida is a comfortable, newly established resort featuring the Margaritaville restaurant, adorably decorated beach theme rooms, great views of the ocean and Margaritas around the clock. The destination is easy to get to, located right off the Hollywood Florida beach strip.

The hotel offers a variety of amenities including; spa services, live music, four restaurant choices, water sports, cabanas and two main pools. Kick back at the pool all day and enjoy refilling a jumbo cup. I would highly suggest the mountain of nachos from the Margaritaville restaurant, which can stand alone as a meal split with another person.

The JWB Prime Steak and Seafood restaurant onsite offers a luxurious dining option, serving fresh seafood daily and signature dishes such as the lobster pasta (delicious!) and delectable steak dinners. Although it’s on the pricey side, you won’t regret spending your money here one evening.

Another relaxing option at this resort is hanging out at the rooftop pool and bar. This adult only area is secluded from the traffic below that encompasses Hollywood Beach.

However, if you love the bustle of the beach, you’re only steps away from the walkway where you can enjoy a run, stroll, or rent bicycles for the whole family. 

During my stay, we rented the cabanas twice and enjoyed having a cozy, covered area to ourselves. The cabanas were comfortable and included a TV inside.

I wouldn’t say that our waiter service was any different compared to the people next to us, who had the same person and received the same service.

It seemed to me that they were short on service employees during our stay, which was also a busy week considering it was around a holiday. I would advise to save your money and not rent these when you can receive the same service just grabbing chairs at the pool.

Another point to consider about the resort is that it is steps away from other restaurants along the Hollywood beach strip. However, I wouldn’t say the area is the safest as far as wandering around on the streets. Know where you’re going and be cautious if you leave the immediate hotel and beach area.

Also, take into account that the pools and Hollywood Beach walk are very busy areas that can get overcrowded easily. If you’re looking for a private beach feel without children this may not be the resort for you. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a fun getaway and a family friendly destination, I would suggest the Margaritaville resort.

Be sure to check out the promotions on the website before you book. We used a AAA discount when we booked our stay and received a special rate. To sum up my review, here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons of the resort:


  • Newer resort (established in 2015)
  • Excellent food and multiple restaurants
  • Nice comfortable rooms with nice views, even from the back
  • Live music
  • Rooftop pool
  • Watersports and easy beach access


  • Location isn’t the best
  • Crowded main pools
  • Cabana service sub par, same as other guests
  • Crowded beach walk area

If you’re looking for a more romantic, longer getaway option, consider the Hyatt Regency in Aruba or the JW Marriott in Cancun. Click below to learn more.

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  1. The rooftop pool looks amazing…you surely enjoyed being at the place. The scenic view is also admirable. And it is never regretful to spend on great food, especially seafood…yummy!

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