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The best travel gifts of 2019

Whether you have a trip coming up or know someone who loves to travel, these jet setter gifts are perfect must-haves for the best travel moments. These are also great items for women on-the-go. Shop the entire post here or click on any of the bold links below:

1. Delsey Chatelet luggage: This spinner luggage with deluxe interior is one of the most raved about carry-ons of 2019.

2. Globegear Toiletry Bag: The perfect, TSA approved clear quart-sized travel bag.

3. Purse organizer insert: This organizer is perfect for the Louis Vuitton Never-full or other tote to keep you completely organized on-the-go!

4. Mommy Bag: one of the best diaper bags, perfect for traveling for the holidays with your little one.

5. Girls Trip Gift: The cutest “girls weekend” getaway keepsake for your friends.

6. JBL flip speaker: A powerful speaker perfect for traveling and the pool. I have one of these and use it all the time! Home or away.

7. “Airplane Mode” Sweatshirt: the best gift for your jet setter friend that they can wear on their next trip on the freezing cold airplane.

8. Bose Noise-cancelling Headphones: these wireless headphones are a must for any flight this holiday season. Block out the noise and watch a movie without hearing the rest of the annoying people on the plane!

9. Selfie-stick and Tripod: I recently got this and it’s perfect for traveling or taking pictures/videos when no one else is around. I’ve used it for work and Scotty and I have used it to take photos of us or for my blog content. Comes with a Bluetooth remote that hooks right up to your phone.

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